psa - mini kit kats lead to this

dude where’s my bed????


13 Enviable Closets From Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest via The Coveteur

last week i went to bagatelle for a friends bday brunch … & the ankle strap on my TWO inch patent wedge sandals broke and i had no alternatives

now if i had this shoe sitchy going on i would’ve been just fine? maybe not bc I don’t do heels higher than 2.5 inches

my wardrobe is plain pathetic - need to step it up … ugh when and how?

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naeem khan spring 2015 | look 43

a simple, modern take on eveningwear

alessandro garoflo/ photo for

my kind of evening wear … not that i have anywhere to go, minor detail ;)

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I got into Ukraine late in the evening after 30 hours of travel and about 2 hours of sleep. I was looking forward to sleeping most of the day, but woke up early to a text from my translator: “School begins today. So if you can find a school by 9 AM, you’ll find Ukrainian children with flowers in their hair.”

(Kiev, Ukraine)


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i usually don’t like “stuff” on my apparel i.e. animals, logos … but this i’d make an exception for!



i usually don’t like “stuff” on my apparel i.e. animals, logos … but this i’d make an exception for!

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50 cent martini lunch sounds like a good way to kick off the weekend!

however, i’m working from home while sitting w/ head full of henna (some people do laundry, i cover my greys)

anyway, mara’s homemade used to be east village and they closed up shop and moved to long island which works for me … that and soul cycle is opening up close by (whaaaaz up manhattan!)

who am i foolin’? huntington will never be manhattan but it’s been working out pretty well for mi familia …. now only if i can get my city friends to move out here too …. (fat chance but a girl can dream!)


oh hi (post 5.30am workout - bah)!

mostly quiety on the tumblr front (although lets be honest i’m not the best consistency here)

so going backwards …

last friday my son came home from daycare early due to some upchucking and my husband was away at some music fest … i was lucky enough get the stomach virus saturday evening when i gave the baby to my in-laws for the night (the baby was fine by then i thought). they consequently got sick and then my husband fell ill yesterday. it’s been a joy ride …

in the meantime i’ve started a new position at work but toggling between old one and new one so lucky enough to stay at home and have some flexibility (i’m not sure i would be able to hold down a job if i had to go into the office every day w/ the illnesses my wee one has had)

we went to fire island weekend before and the week before that we went to martha’s vineyard - i hired a photographer to take some family pics so hopefully will share one or two good ones (it’s a stretch since my boo refused to stand in the sand on the beach but was all over the place once the photographer left?)

everything is a bit of a hot mess …. and it is what it is ….

hope you all are faring better! i have a bunch of links that are helpful? maybe not but interesting to me … i’ll share later!

how does one go from chilling on fire island (last weekend) to coming home early today from daycare puking his little guts out (sorry about the visual!)?


atlantic-saints:Annenberg Hall, Harvard University

lets take “working from home” to a whole new level? i’d probably feel a lot smarter just being in the present in a room full of intelligent people [wink!]

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well today was a fun day cleaning … said no one ever but when the house is minus one 2 yr old tornado, you do as you must :)

p.s. wine makes everything better!

this & that

  • staying hydrated while working +1
  • having to pee while on a call -1
  • full schedule right before vacation -1
  • starting new job after vacation +1
  • leaving the house more often ++1
  • finally figured out who arianna grande is -1


justin time

one is my son’s favorite globe trotting cartoon … the other is a “renaissance man”

i guess i’m sleep deprived or stressed or hot (most likely all of the above) … but i found this amusing

send help! :)

random post but how gorgeous is elizabeth taylor (1940s)?!

random post but how gorgeous is elizabeth taylor (1940s)?!