i was just checking out my facebook feed … is easter is the new christmas? gifts, candy & endless bounty … seems strange to me.


"I wasn’t lucky enough to have ever found what I wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong— I did nicely. But I never found my passion."

this resonates …

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chic demin skirt (that’s what it’s really named!) - boden $68 


This new street art, depicting three secret agents wiretapping a phone booth, is rumored to be the latest work of Banksy

so cool

banksy has street cred - not heather thomson from RHONY (for those of you who watch will know what i mean!)


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i don’t buy or subscribe to magazines anymore - i catch up when i sneak out for pedicures (which hasn’t been since end of last summer *yikes*)

anyway, i need to seek out the latest W magazine b/c sofia coppola edited a special edition to be sold with the may issue.

i think i’m not alone in loving her personal style, fierce protection of her personal life, and films. is she not the coolest?!


+’s and -’s

+ workout done by 7am & my son slept in till 7.45am (win-win)

- downpours to/from barre class and daycare drop off

+ green juice

- drinking green juice out of narragansett lager glass

+ meeting cancelled in the city (no commute in rain!)

- meeting rescheduled on a day of european time zone training and have to arrange/rearrange too many logistics 

+ swung by cvs to pick up necessities

- also bought 2 reese’s peanut butter eggs

+ multi-tasking

- multi-tasking (not always productive)

i think i need this

(zara denim jumpsuit 79.90)

i was tagged by the lovely nomadsoul to answer 11 questions and tag 11 more people/tumblrs. i think is a great way to get know more about the people behind the tumblrs!

  1. What did you have for breakfast? recently, i’ve been on a green juice kick, my parents gifted us a vitamix and it’s a dream. super easy to use and clean. but i must confess that i haven’t had a chance to replenish the ingredients this week so i snuck one of son’s honey oatmeal raisin cookies today (win some, lose some!)
  2. What was the last item you purchased? diapers - this kind of made me both chuckle and sad. how unexciting.
  3. Dream trip you hope to one day take? i miss traveling so so much. dream trip? easy - africa, i would love to visit nairobi (where my mom grew up), go on a safari, the list goes on.
  4. Most meaningful gift you’ve ever been given? this may seem cliche but the answer is my wedding ring, it’s just a symbol of the commitment we’ve made to each other. being married can be tough. the good times are beyond blissful and when it’s hard there’s very little else that makes you feel so defeated.
  5. When was the last time you told someone you loved them? my 2-year-old son, a million times this morning. he’s pure joy and temper tantrums rolled up into one!
  6. Guiltiest guilty pleasure tv show you watch? i’m a total bravo super fan, i watch almost everything on that channel. i deliver global pharmacovigilance training and i need something that i can watch (during breaks) that is totally mindless and takes me away from the nonsense that i deal with.
  7. What is your bedtime routine? i brush my teeth (washing my face is optional, terrible i know!), curl up into bed and read articles on zite or my book club book. i maybe last 10-15 minutes. i wake up either 4:45am or 5:15am to take barre classes 4x a week so i hit the hay quite early.
  8. Do your family and friends know you have a Tumblr? i think my husband knows but has never seen it, he could pretty much care less LOL. some close friends, my sister-in-law also know. i don’t really advertise it as i like to think of it as space for just me (if that makes any sense?).
  9. What is one piece of advice you’d give your 20 year old self? i never bought whole life insurance and regret it beyond words now that i have family. i kick myself constantly.
  10. The yummiest dish you know how to make (and bonus points if you link to the recipe). my husband cooks for our family. i’m allergic to boiling water but hope that changes one of these days. i really hate to cook but LOVE to eat.
  11. What is one beauty product you can’t be without? if i had to choose one it would be aquaphor. but really i can’t do w/out BB cream (i currently use garnier bb cream skin renew miracle skin perfector) and mascara (right now it’s benefit they’re real mascara), those 2 things make me look 1/2 way decent when i go out in public.

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1. If you work, do you love what you do? If not, what would you do that you’re most passionate about?

2. What is favorite word and least favorite?

3. Name your biggest pet peeve.

4.What is your favorite movie of all time?

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

6. What is ability or skill you most wish to have (super powers not included!)?

7. What is your favorite color and why?

8. How do you make time for yourself or is there something completely selfish that you do for yourself that makes you feel great and balanced?

9. What is your favorite chore/errand?

10. What is one luxury item that you cannot afford but would love to have?

11. When/where is your next vacation?



this is quite perfect

on a side note, I’m so hesitant to spend more $ on jeans/pants…my sizes have literally spanned from 4-10 in the past 2 years and i just can’t imagine when I’ll find my sweet spot

i guess I’ll continue to wear my ill-fitting clothes until i sort this issue out?

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Boston strong! Wishing luck to my bro running the marathon in two weeks 🏃🙌


In honor of their final performances on Broadway in No Man’s Land and Waiting for Godot, co-stars and best friends Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart recently decided to say goodbye to New York City by releasing some funny outtakes from their adventures throughout New York.

this put a huge smile on my face, they’re hilarious … having a best friend to goof around with is priceless!

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around the web

your foolproof concealer map: super easy for makeup novices such as myself

the platt list: adam platt’s of where to eat in nyc

how to get another year of amazon prime for $79: not sure this works but worth a try?

tina brown: why kim kardashian isn’t ‘aspirational’: let’s celebrate real women with real accomplishments shall we?

bored at work? try boosting your energy with these tips: this article contains a lot of great information on how to manage, quick read

17 french drugstore beauty products that actually work: i’m a sucker for anything french plus their drugstores are a serious business, not like our duane reades or cvs’

student rickrolls his teacher in this ingenious quantum physics essay: i wish i was nerd like this, so freakin’ clever!

how to pose for photos: find the most flattering angles for you and your subjects: because the whole hand on your hip thing is overdone and annoying.

when should you throw out your makeup? bobbie brown breaks it down:lord knows i have sh*t i need to get rid of asap!

anyone find any of this useful or information or entertaining?

week 2 of green juicing

my parents generously gifted us a vitamix. it’s a super easy, glorious machine.

supergas didn’t work out so hoping these vans for j.crew will … slip-ons work better for me anyway ;)